DCDB Season Update
DCDB Cube Updates
Main Character Changes: Legal

Name: Aquaman - 15, Tier: 5

Name: Felix Faust - 9, Tier: 4

Name: Wonder Woman - 15, Tier: 3

Name: Zatanna Zatara - 9, Tier: 2

Main Character Changes: Tier Increase

Name: Captain Boomerang, Tier: 3

Name: Sinestro [Crisis], Tier: 3

Name: Skitter, Tier: 2

Name: Superboy, Tier: 3

Name: The Flash, Tier: 3

Main Character Changes: Tier Decrease

Name: Black Lightning, Tier: 2

Name: Cosmic Boy, Tier: 2

Name: Lightning Lad, Tier: 1

Name: Mister Terrific, Tier: 4

Name: Saturn Girl, Tier: 1

Main Character Changes: Banned
- No Change -
Main Deck Changes: Legal

Name: Batmobile, Quantity: 2

Name: Dead King's Sceptor, Quantity: 2

Name: Helmet of Fate, Quantity: 2

Name: Interceptor, Quantity: 1

Name: Lasso of Lightning, Quantity: 2

Name: Sinestro Power Battery, Quantity: 2

Name: Boodikka, Quantity: 1

Name: Dr. Light, Quantity: 2

Name: Guy Gardner, Quantity: 1

Name: Raven, Quantity: 3

Name: Superman, Quantity: 1

Name: Brutal Chase, Quantity: 2

Name: Cat-Like Reflexes, Quantity: 1

Name: Construct Slam, Quantity: 2

Name: Heat Vision, Quantity: 2

Name: Killing Joke, Quantity: 1

Name: Strength of the Gods, Quantity: 2

Name: Titans Together, Quantity: 2

Name: Arkillo, Quantity: 1

Name: Brother Blood, Quantity: 1

Name: Gorilla Grodd, Quantity: 2

Name: Harley Quinn, Quantity: 1

Name: King Shark, Quantity: 1

Name: Talia Al Ghul, Quantity: 1

Main Deck Changes: Banned

Name: Flight Wings, Quantity: 3

Name: Power Armor, Quantity: 1

Name: Red Lantern Power Ring, Quantity: 1

Name: Aqualad, Quantity: 1

Name: Batwoman, Quantity: 1

Name: Emerald Knight, Quantity: 1

Name: Kaldur'Ahm, Quantity: 1

Name: Misfit, Quantity: 1

Name: Mon-El, Quantity: 1

Name: Impervious, Quantity: 1

Name: Pots!, Quantity: 2

Name: World's Greatest Detective, Quantity: 2

Name: Granny Goodness, Quantity: 2

Name: Lobo, Quantity: 1

Name: Onimar Synn, Quantity: 2

Main Deck Changes: Quantity
(The Quantity Listed Is The Number Of Copies To Be Included In The Main Deck)
(Cost <= 3: 3x Copies; Cost 4 or 5: 2x Copies; Cost >= 6: 1x Copy)

Name: Globe of Transportation, Quantity: 1

Name: Green Lantern Power Battery, Quantity: 1

Name: Laughing Gas, Quantity: 1

Name: Legion Flight Ring, Quantity: 3

Name: Silent Armor, Quantity: 1

Name: Skeets, Quantity: 2

Name: Soultaker Sword, Quantity: 2

Name: The Bat-Signal, Quantity: 2

Name: Captain Atom, Quantity: 1

Name: Katana, Quantity: 3

Name: Kid Flash, Quantity: 3

Name: Power Girl, Quantity: 2

Name: Bulletproof, Quantity: 2

Name: Canary Cry, Quantity: 2

Name: Constructs of Fear, Quantity: 1

Name: Heat Vision, Quantity: 1

Name: Million Monkey Maneuver, Quantity: 1

Name: Doomsday, Quantity: 1

Name: Lady Vic, Quantity: 2

Name: Mammoth, Quantity: 2

Name: Solomon Grundy, Quantity: 1

Super Villain Changes: Legal

Name: Isabel Rochev, Quantity: 1

Super Villain Changes: Banned

Name: Slade Wilson, Quantity: 1

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