DCDB Season Update
DCDB Cube Updates
Main Character Changes: Legal

Name: The Joker - 9, Tier: 2

Main Character Changes: Tier Decrease

Name: Bane, Tier: 3

Name: Golden Glider, Tier: 2

Name: Ozymandias, Tier: 2

Main Character Changes: Tier Increase

Name: Aquaman, Tier: 4

Name: Black Adam, Tier: 3

Name: Black Lightning, Tier: 3

Name: Gorilla Grodd, Tier: 3

Name: Killer Frost, Tier: 3

Name: Saint Walker, Tier: 4

Name: Simon Baz, Tier: 3

Name: Wonder Woman - 15, Tier: 5

Main Character Changes: Banned

Name: Doctor Fate

Main Deck Changes: Legal

Name: Emerald Knight, Quantity: 1

Name: Geokinesis, Quantity: 2

Name: Gotham City Docks, Quantity: 1

Name: Kryptonite, Quantity: 2

Name: Oblivion Bar, Quantity: 1

Main Deck Changes: Banned

Name: Captain Boomerang Jr., Quantity: 1

Name: Cosmic King, Quantity: 1

Name: Lasso of Lightning, Quantity: 2

Name: Samurai Armor, Quantity: 1

Name: Trash Hole, Quantity: 1

Name: Wonder Woman's Shield, Quantity: 1

Super Villain Changes: Legal
- No Change -
Super Villain Changes: Banned

Name: Cheshire, Quantity: 1

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