DCDB Season Update
DCDB Cube Updates
Main Character Changes: Legal

Name: Superman, Tier: 1

Main Character Changes: Tier Decrease

Name: Chameleon Boy, Tier: 2

Name: Cheetah, Tier: 3

Name: Harley Quinn, Tier: 4

Name: Sara Lance, Tier: 1

Name: Wonder Woman - 15, Tier: 4

Main Character Changes: Tier Increase

Name: Mister Terrific, Tier: 5

Name: Zatanna Zatara - 12, Tier: 3

Main Character Changes: Banned

Name: Mister Miracle

Main Deck Changes: Legal

Name: Bizarro Power, Quantity: 1

Name: Bolt Of Zeus, Quantity: 2

Name: Crimson Whirlwind, Quantity: 1

Name: Grappling Hook, Quantity: 2

Name: Kalibak, Quantity: 1

Name: Magic Bracelets, Quantity: 2

Name: Mogo, Quantity: 1

Name: Nth Metal, Quantity: 3

Name: Scientific Genius, Quantity: 1

Name: The Rot, Quantity: 1

Main Deck Changes: Banned

Name: Aero-Discs, Quantity: 1

Name: Alfred Pennyworth, Quantity: 1

Name: Amnesty Bay, Quantity: 1

Name: Batmobile, Quantity: 3

Name: Cadmus Labs, Quantity: 1

Name: Garfield Logan, Quantity: 1

Name: Mother Box, Quantity: 1

Name: Mystic Bolts, Quantity: 1

Name: Power Girl, Quantity: 2

Name: Shapeshift, Quantity: 3

Name: Warhorse, Quantity: 1

Super Villain Changes: Legal

Name: Arkillo - Impossible Mode, Quantity: 1

Name: Doomsday - Impossible Mode, Quantity: 1

Name: H'el - Impossible Mode, Quantity: 1

Super Villain Changes: Banned

Name: Power Ring - Impossible Mode, Quantity: 1

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