DCDB Season Update
DCDB Cube Updates
Main Character Changes: Legal

Name: Poison Ivy, Tier: 1

Main Character Changes: Tier Decrease

Name: Aquaman, Tier: 3

Name: Aquaman, Tier: 1

Name: Beast Boy, Tier: 2

Name: Black Adam, Tier: 2

Name: Brainiac 5, Tier: 2

Name: Darkseid, Tier: 5

Name: Felix Faust - 9, Tier: 3

Name: Killer Frost, Tier: 2

Name: Mirror Master, Tier: 2

Name: Weather Wizard, Tier: 3

Main Character Changes: Tier Increase

Name: Cheetah, Tier: 4

Name: Red Tornado [Crisis], Tier: 2

Name: Wonder Woman - 15, Tier: 4

Main Character Changes: Banned

Name: King Shark

Name: Plastic Man

Name: Roy Harper

Main Deck Changes: Legal

Name: Artemis, Quantity: 1

Name: Batwoman, Quantity: 1

Name: Commissioner Gordon, Quantity: 1

Name: Phobia, Quantity: 2

Main Deck Changes: Banned

Name: Apokolips, Quantity: 1

Name: Black Lantern Green Arrow, Quantity: 2

Name: Dr. Light, Quantity: 2

Name: Gotham City, Quantity: 1

Name: Heat Vision, Quantity: 2

Name: King Shark, Quantity: 1

Name: Kryptonite, Quantity: 2

Name: Metropolis, Quantity: 1

Name: Mister Terrific, Quantity: 2

Name: New Genesis, Quantity: 1

Name: Scarecrow, Quantity: 2

Name: Tamaran, Quantity: 1

Name: The Dark Multiverse, Quantity: 1

Main Deck Changes: Quantity
(The Quantity Listed Is The Number Of Copies To Be Included In The Main Deck)
(Cost <= 3: 3x Copies; Cost 4 or 5: 2x Copies; Cost >= 6: 1x Copy)
- No Change -
Super Villain Changes: Legal
- No Change -
Super Villain Changes: Banned

Name: Aquaman, Quantity: 1

Name: Mongul, Quantity: 1

Name: Trigon, Quantity: 1

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